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The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, or ACCA, is a prestigious qualification recognized worldwide. It is a leading international accounting body recognized by top global organizations such as the United Nations and the World Bank. They have affiliations with numerous reputable educational institutions and accounting bodies worldwide.

ACCA has always been popular among commerce students, particularly those interested in accounting and finance careers. ACCA qualification offers various aspects of business management, including theoretical and technical aspects such as motivational theories, cost accounting, and bookkeeping. This blog will discuss numerous reasons for studying ACCA.

Offer Flexibility

ACCA conducts exams twice a year in June and December. After registration, you will be eligible to appear for the examination for the next ten years. There is no minimum number of exams to be attempted. Although there is a maximum of four examinations in one attempt, you can choose any number of examinations from 1 through 4. If you don’t want to sit in any attempt, you can skip it and appear for the next. ACCA qualification is considered flexible for students and working professionals. While pursuing the ACCA course, you can balance your studies and work well.


ACCA qualification offers you a wide range of competencies and makes you an expert in technical and management skills required to be a chartered accountant. The syllabus of ACCA includes:

• Taxation
• Business studies
• Auditing
• Financial management
• Financial reporting and management accounting
• Professional and ethical issues
• Law

Handsome Packages

Multinational companies recognize and value the ACCA qualification and offer handsome annual packages and promotions. ACCA qualification brings excellent knowledge, skills, and specialization in taxation, auditing, and financial management, providing candidates more power and value in any organization they work for. With this qualification, you can get a higher salary than a regular bachelor’s degree. If you are interested in finance and accounting, ACCA can be your right choice.

Worldwide Opportunities

You must choose a course recognized in your desired country to work overseas. One of the significant advantages of an ACCA qualification is that it is accepted globally, allowing you to explore job opportunities in different countries, making it one of the primary reasons for the rapid growth of ACCA candidates worldwide.

High Demand

With the rise of the commercial sector, the demand for ACCA professionals is also increasing. Multinational companies seek skilled ACCA professionals who evaluate their existing business and provide effective solutions. This qualification improves your career prospects and offers high professional status. Having international accounting and auditing skills makes it easier to hunt for a job anywhere in the world.

Still Worthy if You Leave Halfway

It’s ideal to complete the full ACCA qualification, but if you leave it halfway, it will still be worth it. You will get a diploma that boosts your career. You will receive an Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business if you pass the first two levels of exams.

This course can be a perfect choice if you aim to explore your finance and accounts career. The AACA course is also available online through various web platforms. Bradford Learning Global is one of the best web platforms for AACA courses, providing excellent training using world-class faculties.

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