Saturday, March 25, 2023
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When you do online grocery shopping, you want to ensure that the food you buy lasts as long as possible. This can be achievable through proper food storage, as this is key to keeping your groceries fresh and safe to eat for a longer period of time. In this blog, we are going to provide you with some food storage tips to help make your groceries last longer.

6 Food storage tips to make online groceries last longer

Keep your fridge organised

Keeping your fridge organised is one of the most crucial things you can do to keep your food fresh. It would be best to set a temperature of 37°F in your refrigerator and store various food items in suitable compartments. To avoid dripping and contaminating other items, raw meat should be stored on the bottom shelves of the refrigerator and dairy items on the upper shelves.

Don’t overcrowd your fridge

While it’s important to ensure your fridge is fully stocked, it’s also important not to overcrowd it. When your fridge is too full, it can interfere with cold air circulation and prevent food from staying as fresh as possible. Try to keep a little space between different items, and ensure you’re not blocking any air vents.

Use airtight containers

Keeping your food fresh is easy! Use airtight containers, especially for items like flour, sugar, and other dry goods. Not only does this prevent moisture and critters from spoiling your food, but it also ensures it stays fresh! So, invest in some airtight containers and make sure your food stays fresh.

Label your food

It would be beneficial to tag your food with the date it was bought or cooked; that way, you’ll recognize how long it has been sitting in the fridge or freezer. This is notably significant for remains, which can become rotten if not eaten within a few days. Labelling your food can assist you in keeping tabs on what should be used first.

​Use your freezer efficiently

Freezing is an effective way to increase the storage life of various foods; however, it’s essential to freeze them correctly to avoid freezer burn and uphold the food’s quality. Make sure to wrap them tightly in plastic or aluminium foil before placing them in the freezer, and attempt to remove as much air from their packaging as possible. You can further boost the freshness by using a vacuum sealer to remove all the air.

Store produce correctly

Storing produce can be a challenging task, as various fruits and vegetables have diverse requirements when it comes to temperature and moisture. Tomatoes and avocados should be kept at room temperature, while other types of vegetables should stay in the refrigerator. Leafy greens need to be stored in a sealed container along with a damp paper towel to keep them crunchy.

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