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The Royal Enfield is a name that has been synonymous with motorcycles in India for over a century. The company has produced some of the most iconic bikes that have roamed Indian roads, and even today, it continues to reign supreme when it comes to cruiser-style motorcycles. In this article, we’ll look at the top 5 upcoming Royal Enfield Bikes in India.

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 with J-platform engine

The Royal Enfield Bullet 350 has been in production since 1948, making it the longest continuous two-wheeler model in history. While the current iteration of the bike still features a utilitarian UCE engine, it’s set to receive an upgrade with the newer J-platform engine along with accompanying underpinnings. Spy shots have confirmed this development, marking a significant change for one of RE’s most popular models.

Himalayan 450 with liquid-cooled engine

Since 2016, the Himalayan 411 has been a popular choice among adventurers. While its simple yet sturdy design allows for off-road travel, feedback has suggested the need for more power to enhance performance.

Royal Enfield is currently developing a more powerful Himalayan 450 with modern upgrades such as larger rims and better suspension componentry, including a USD fork and monoshock. This upgraded version promises not to sacrifice its off-road capability while meeting the demands of those seeking longer journeys.

Himalayan 450 with liquid-cooled engine

Himalayan 450-based roadster

The upcoming bike from Royal Enfield is designed to offer more accessibility than the current Himalayan models. It boasts a lower seat, smaller cast alloy wheels, and road-biased features, making it more versatile on paved surfaces. Details are scarce, but spy pics reveal that it shares the same liquid-cooled engine as the Himalayan 450 and uses a telescopic front fork instead of USD forks.

The single-piece seat may be set at a lower height for improved rider comfort, making this new model much easier to handle. Furthermore, when launched, this affordable bike will sit below the Himalayan 450 in price and features.

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650

The upcoming release of the Shotgun 650 is set to follow in the footsteps of its counterpart, the Super Meteor 650. Although they are expected to share most mechanical features, some key differences set them apart. The main difference can be found within their rider triangles; while the Super Meteor has a more relaxed position with feet-forward and swept-back handlebars for comfort, the Shotgun takes on an upright seating position with mid-mounted footpegs and shorter handlebars.

Additionally, styling differs between both models – traditional cruiser fenders and chrome pipes adorn the Super Meteor, whilst the Shotgun boasts blacked-out components with upswept dual exhausts and chopped fenders.

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 with fairing

The RE Continental GT 650 is a popular bike for aftermarket modifications, with many riders adding a full fairing to enhance its retro racer feel. Though this isn’t yet an official accessory or variant, there are signs it may become one in the future.

A test mule was recently spotted with mounting points for a full-fairing, suggesting that Royal Enfield may be developing an official version. The Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup already includes a race-prepared semi-faired version of the bike called the GT-R 650.

Royal Enfield 650cc Scrambler

The addition of the RE 650cc scrambler is anticipated to enhance the already existing 650cc lineup. Upon analysis of its spy images, it becomes evident that its two-into-one exhaust boasts a shorter muffler design, an unconventional trait for any previous RE model with a 650cc engine. This motorcycle employs wire-spoke rims, preferably off-road sized at either (19/17-inch) or (19/18-inch), coupled with twin hydraulic shocks and a USD fork suspension system.

Royal Enfield continues to prove its worth in the Indian motorcycle industry through their latest launches of top upcoming bikes. With cutting-edge designs inspired by technological advancements that promote comfortability and stability at higher speeds, these motorcycles cater to riders across various adventurous journeys. These next-gen models promise ultimate performance upgrades keeping up with changing global trends encouraged by enthusiastic biking enthusiasts alike.

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