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People choose one wine bottle from hundreds of brands. How do you think they pick one brand? One is a regular taste. If they want their regular wine, they will pick it without looking at other brands. On the other hand, some people like to try new wines from time to time. They may glance at many wine bottles, pick a few, and buy one. Here wine labels play a massive role. We will explore four wine-label elements that can make your wine look elegant. So, let’s get started.


Customers respond to colours and emotions associated with them. So, the main question before designing your wine label is which emotion you want your customers to invoke. If you want to inspire calmness or sincerity, you can pick the blue colour for your wine labels. If you want your brand to convey royalty and creativity, purple is your colour. Every colour is associated with some emotion. Thus, you need to pick the emotion and then colour.


You must get the graphic designed carefully, as it makes the first impression of your wine bottle before the text. It is advisable to choose designs and logos that customers can see and understand from a distance. The right colour and graphic design help in inviting them to pick your wine bottle.

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Customers shall see the brand name from a distance. However, they will read other text related to wine from the label when they pick up the bottle. So, this can be one of the converting points. Further, you may also consider your target audience to select the typeface. If you want to cater to a conservative audience, you should choose serif fonts; or if you want to impress a younger audience, you may pick a sans serif typeface.

Text and Background Colour Combination

So, you have picked colour, graphics, and typeface for your wine label. It is time to create the best colour combination of text and background. The combination should make text easily readable and minimise eye strain. You can ask your wine labels manufacturers in Delhi for suggestions. They can also provide you with a few combinations to identify which can work the best. The right combination will make your wine label appealing.

In a nutshell, the appearance of wine bottles is essential, and labels are a huge part of it. You must ensure your wine label attracts them and makes them buy your wine bottle.

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