Friday, February 3, 2023
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It’s not that marine surveyors are any more or less likely to get your business than other types of surveyors. They work in different industries and have different perspectives on how to get the job done efficiently and cost-effectively. To many, independent marine surveyors should be working for fishermen and mariners, not in the oil and gas industries. However, that’s where the similarities end. Also, as Singapore has been significantly contributing to the global marine industry, marine surveyors and ship inspectors in Singapore are essential aspects of the country.

You might think that when a surveyor calls themself an “independent marine surveyor”, they are just a freelancing boat driver looking to make some extra cash, but this is not true. The vast majority of independent marine surveyors have specialised training and experience working with equipment such as ballast tanks, storm drains, offshore platforms and even offshore oil & gas facilities.

This blog post will explore what makes an independent marine surveyor different from a government marine surveyor and how you can tell if they are the right person for the job.

What is a marine survey?

A marine survey is a detailed inspection of a boat or other marine vessel and its systems. It is conducted by a qualified surveyor, usually a marine engineer or naval architect, who assesses the ship’s condition, systems, and equipment. This includes a thorough inspection of the hull and superstructure, as well as the onboard systems and engines. The survey aims to determine the vessel’s overall condition and identify any problems or potential hazards.

What makes an independent marine surveyor different from a government marine surveyor? 

An independent marine surveyor is not bound by the same rules and regulations as a government marine surveyor. The independent surveyor is typically hired to provide unbiased assessments and opinions, free from governmental influence. They are also free to inspect vessels and other marine structures. This can be especially useful when a ship is sold or transferred from one owner to another. On the other hand, government surveyors typically work within a specific set of regulations and guidelines and can only inspect vessels and structures within their jurisdiction.

Final Thoughts

A marine survey is important for every vessel to prevent any mishappening from taking place. An independent marine surveyor can lend a helping hand by doing a comprehensive survey and listing all the major issues in the vessel. You can also consider hiring ship inspectors in Singapore for ship inspection services. 

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