Monday, July 15, 2024
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Everyone can bet right with me by saying that social media usage is rapidly growing. It is not under crystal clear water that it is a fact. All over the world, both the old and the young are glued to social media platforms. Then we have to accept that there are both positive and negative sides to social media. Many youths, for example, in India, are using social media platforms. The study says that the use of social media by youths has risen from 30% in 2017 to 55% in 2021. This shows us that social media popularity is on the verge of reaching another level.

The Advantages of Social Media

  1. Mutual benefits through sharing of information

Social media has assisted many people in sharing information. People in different parts of the same geographical location can get information from each other easily. Various departments in an office can each share information.

  1. It enables one to achieve goals.

You can achieve your goals through social media. One can share the captions and posts and earn from them through Youth Tube and other social media platforms.

  1. education process

Nowadays, there is no need to stress anymore. Social media can help learners search for educational information and get it well discussed. Such is the importance of social media to the educational system.

  1. Global connectivity

In the modern world, the world is looking like a global village. Social media has enabled people from across the globe to interact live. Someone in Papua New Guinea and someone in Pachuca, Mexico can communicate without any problems. This has helped people worldwide to interact.

  1. Online and digital marketing

Social media is the home of digital marketing. Through social media marketing, businesses can market themselves easily. It can be done through Linked In, Meta, Twitter, and Instagram. This has helped increase the leads and finally improved the company’s productivity.

Disadvantages of Social Media

  1. It reduces family interaction.

In the past, families used to stay together and meet for family meetings. But nowadays, everything has changed. They connect through Skype or any other social media platform. This has disconnected their previous family connection.

  1. It disconnects emotional togetherness.

Social media has a pervasive negative bias toward emotional attachment. People are only interacting online, which makes it difficult to emotionally connect well. This is one thing that has been criticized by various professionals.

  1. There is no security or privacy.

Through social media, cyber bullying has become rampant. Many people have been deprived of their privacy security through social media. The hackers have access to somebody’s information through the data that they get from the social media platforms, hence exposing them.

  1. It destroys physical communication skills.

It is currently normal for people to not have proper communication skills anymore. There is no respect in online communication now. This is because one can feel free to say anything on a social media platform. After all, they can hide their identity. This has killed communication skills.


It is the right time that we focus on promoting the positive benefits of social media. Youths must be taught about the important benefits of social media use. They should be discouraged from the negative use of social media. With that, we are going to grow up well morally and with recommendable character.

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