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Ship inspection plays a vital role in keeping the country’s waterways safe. Ship Inspectors in UAE work tirelessly to ensure that all the ships passing through the UAE meet international standards. They also coordinate with experts in other countries to be double sure, like contacting ship inspectors in Vietnam if the vessel travels there. But, this is not the only task of Ship Inspectors. They are also responsible for checking whether the Maritime Labour Convention is being followed or not.

What is the Maritime Labour Convention?

The Maritime Labour Convention, or MLC, was established by the International Labour Organisation(ILO) in 2006 to ensure the decent living and working standards of seafarers. The purpose of this bill is to achieve both dignified employment and fair competition among ship owners for quality seafaring. This convention covers all the aspects of work and life of seafarers on board like:

Age of the Employee

Employment agreements of seafarers
Minimum wages
Paid leaves
Conditions in the contract
Medical assistance onboard
Licensed private recruitment and placement services
Basic facilities- food, accommodation, etc
Safety protection gears
Complaint handling of seafarers

The convention was designed to be globally applicable, simple to understand, easily updatable, and uniformly enforced. It is expected to become the fourth pillar of international regulatories systems to ensure quality shipping. MLC also complements the International Maritime Organisation(IMO) conventions dealing with ship safety and environmentally conscious seafaring.

How do ship inspectors ensure vessel’s compliance with MLC?

The ship’s entry to any port in the UAE depends on its condition and compliance with existing standards. Just like the other aspects of a vessel, ship inspectors also check whether the vessel complies with the maritime labour ship convention. The most common issue that has been observed on the ship is the need for more documents proving the training of seafarers to perform their duties. Also, many times the seafarers are below the age of 16. These violations of international standards lead to the detaining of ships. With ship inspections, all the possible issues can be addressed and solved.

If you are looking for ship Inspectors in Vietnam, UAE or any other part of the world, you can search online for such services. Many online websites provide professionals with experience in different countries ports. The skill and knowledge of the ship inspectors let them ensure that your vessel’s condition is not missing out on any regulation.

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