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Every business needs financial stability by managing its cash flow in order to secure consistent growth and achieve its goals. Over the year, with the change in economic conditions resulting in changes in risk profiling, corporate fundraising has become challenging.

Fundraising is a process where funding is raised that helps in starting a new company as seed capital or as expansion capital for an existing company. Fundraising primarily aims to finance the capital expenditure, balancing the capital structure, or funding its working capital

Objectives of Fundraising in the Corporate World

Fund raising in corporate world is either to fund the seed capital; funding capital expenditure like Equipment or Building or financing its working capital requirements. The successful fund raising is a mixture of working capital.

Working Capital

Sufficient working capital is a significant aspect of maintaining a company’s financial health. According to British Business Bank 2019 Business Funding Survey, working capital is the most crucial reason businesses seek funding. Not having adequate working capital can lead to a severe impact on the future of the business. Fundraising can cover a company’s funding requirements for its working capital and build a bridge between the customers, suppliers, or any other stakeholder involved. It’s the life and blood of most businesses.

Meeting the Financial Goals

For every business, it’s essential to seek funding to achieve its financial goals. Utilizing funding and fundraising programs ensures the busines’s grow and makes it free of hindrances. Fundraising activities are intended to remove all economic obstacles to the success of businesses and start-ups.

Matching Industry Standards

With the rise of digitization, the competition level in the market has increased. It has become essential to match the standards of the current business world, making fundraising and funding activities crucial to improving the standard of business. Fund raising has also been democratised with the advent of technology where crowd funding has emerged as the new trend

Debt Refinancing

Refinancing existing company debt can help a business grow by freeing up cash in the account for working capital and expansion. Tenors can be extended and rates may go down but in current climate of rate volatility, refinancing is now at the core thinking of Corporate Treasurer. Fundraising can consolidate borrowings and make finances more manageable by restructuring the company’s debts.

Asset Purchase

Growing a business and increasing sales often require purchasing assets such as new machinery or vehicles. Fundraising enables a company to buy new assets that help the organization expand. It is a great way to get around the costs of acquiring expensive new assets. Fundraising also helps to plan cash flow to make the most of a business’s growth opportunities. Assets can also be leased and the market is getting very competitive for this type of financing

Fundraising Promotes Teamwork

​Corporate fundraising motivates employees to work together with specialist financial advisors towards a common goal. Fundraising activities allow the corporate team to bond over shared goals and challenges. It will enable co-workers and financial advisors to learn from each other as they grow together through their commitment to completing. the financial closing

Build Relationships with Potential Donors

​Fundraising is a great way to raise and cause awareness by building relationships with potential institutions. Corporate fundraising is an excellent method for raising, the profile of the business, especially among many employees or clients who could benefit from the funds be it equity or debts. It can also help create a sense of belonging among employees.

Finding fundraising services that satisfy your requirements can be challenging. If you are looking for one, consider Kick Advisory. They offer bespoke corporate fundraising solutions.

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