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With the rise of technology, data breaches and privacy violations are two of the most severe issues we hear about regularly. Before implementing any grant management software, it is essential to understand its credibility regarding reliability and privacy. Operating software that does not perform well under diverse conditions is complicated.

With unreliable and immature grant management software, we face numerous privacy and security issues such as cyber-attacks, phishing, and malware, amongst many others.

This blog will discuss the role and importance of privacy and reliability in grant management software to ensure the safety of grants, reviewers, and applicants.

Protection from cyber attacks

One of the major concerns for grant seekers is cyber-attacks. Malware, phishing, bot attacks, and SQL injection attacks are just a few examples of cyber-attacks. Effective grant management software protects the organization from malware and users tempted into phishing by preventing unauthorized network access. One must always look for software that protects the organization’s data from structured query language injections and bot attacks, providing the organization with the highest level of privacy and security.

Data hosting location

Data residency is essential to grant management as it signifies storing the organization’s data in a specific geographical location. Many grant management software does not offer a choice in data residency, and it would be best to consider software that allows choosing where to host the organization’s data.

Manage user load

Many grant management systems are not designed to scale, which makes them malfunction. As the number of applications in the system increases, the software begins to experience errors and malfunctions. The organization should always consider software that ensures program reliability and manages the increase in application data and user load.

Data Handling

Grant management software provides data handling practices, ensuring that the organization’s data is accessed only through reliable sources. Data handling includes data management, following security laws, and protecting sensitive information.

Service availability

The availability of a system for operations and management regularly ensures the software’s reliability. Because of the system’s constant repair and server downtime, it is not easy to maintain the workflow and complete assignments on time. Before purchasing any grant management software, evaluate its downtime and service availability, and ensure that they notify in advance of scheduled maintenance.

Identify inappropriate software

Several softwares are available that allow an organization to manage grants without providing a secure system. These softwares are consistently unable to provide the services for which they were designed.

It is challenging to identify unreliable software because marketing websites only speak about the right things about their software. Considering all the above points, one must thoroughly evaluate the grant management software they intend to purchase for their organization.

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