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The 12th Board exams are a significant milestone in any student’s educational journey. To progress to higher education and pursue your chosen career, it is essential to achieve good marks on these tests. Unfortunately, preparation can be strenuous to achieve satisfactory results.

To guarantee you are well-prepared for the 12th CBSE Board exams, it is essential to follow a few easy steps. Here are some helpful tips:

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Cut Down Distractions

One of the most essential steps when preparing for your class 12th exam is to reduce distractions like social media, mobile phones and online content. Doing this will enable you to focus more on your studies and achieve better results.

Revise Regularly

This is the most crucial tip for preparing for your class 12th exam. Regular revisions will help you consolidate the information that you have learned so far, and keeping up with CBSE syllabus updates is recommended.

Practice Problems, Sample Papers and Previous Year Questions

It is beneficial to solve as many problems from textbooks and other study materials. Doing this allows you to hone the techniques and strategies used in solving issues as well as build confidence when approaching questions.

Use NCERT Mathematics Textbooks and Solve Sample Question Papers

NCERT mathematics textbooks are an invaluable resource for preparing for the Class 12th board exams. Not only do they contain all the necessary information about the subject matter, but they’re also packed with practice problems and examples to help you retain it by heart.

Create a Timetable for Your Studies

Establishing an organized study schedule is essential when preparing for the CBSE class 12th board exams. With an organized plan in place, it will help you manage your studies more effectively and ensure you’re getting enough sleep at night.

Make sure to allocate equal time for all topics in your preparation and ensure each topic is thoroughly covered. Doing this will reduce boredom and make studying more productive.

Make Yourself-Made Notes on Each Topic

Making notes during study sessions is an effective way to retain the information you have learned. It will also enable you to review this knowledge when not studying.

Utilize Your Teachers for Tutoring

It is essential to find a reliable tutor who can guide you through the 12th class syllabus. This will enable you to comprehend concepts more clearly and give you the best guidance to succeed on exams.

Revising the Syllabus Early

Start preparing for your Class 12th board exams as soon as you start school. Doing this will enable you to develop concepts in-depth and review all CBSE syllabus topics thoroughly before taking the main exam.


You must revisit all topics and chapters covered during your study program. Doing this will help you retain what information has been acquired while also guaranteeing that nothing gets missed during the examination.

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