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Everyone wants to live their own better life. But how to do that? The truth is this: while the big, radical changes are certainly valid to renew the quality of your life, smaller, more sustainable actions can help you enjoy day in and day out.

Relax in nature 1 minute

Slow down on your way to the door in the morning or take the time to look at the sky during lunch break. You only need 60 seconds!

Talk to people you have not been in contact with lately

“Weak links” can help you more in terms of developing new contacts, improving career prospects and dating new people.

Look at your day the previous evening

Always build all the cases in the queue the night before. This will allow you to be more productive, and therefore more happy.

Do something social, at least once a week

And more often if you can. Isolation breeds discontent, it’s better if you have two or three friends. This will make you feel alive.

Create a file cabinet

Take 31 folders (well, if you can hang them) and mark them from 1 to 31. Each file is a day of the month. Place the papers in the folder on the relevant day.

Family time schedule

Plan time with your family, including a date with your spouse or an evening with children.

Do the most creative work in the morning

In the morning hours, cortisol acts as an energetician, and your attention and concentration are significantly increased.

Speak from the diaphragm

This will deepen your voice and increase its stability. You will be surprised at how your speech will affect your work.

Create the perfect schedule

The list should include all the activities that are needed to make the day successful. Use all vacation days

Time spent away from work will help to become more productive.

Organize phone calls

Instead of arranging conference calls during the day, just schedule them all in quick succession. This saves you time and can improve the quality of work.

Visit museums when you have the opportunity

Learning the art makes you smart.

Change what surrounds you

Always working at the same table? Try the new option. Tired of your apartment? Leave her!

Stop distracting

If you often feel that the day has flown by, but you have not made any real progress in your plans, you should exclude all distractions.

Smile more smile

Smile often creates greater success, both personal and professional.

Write down everything you ever wanted and received

You will feel satisfied if you think about how far you have come.

Split large tasks into 15-minute parts

The human mind must switch between tasks from time to time, so you must include breaks in your activities.

Try yourself as a volunteer

Take part in a case that you care about, and benefit from it.

Think of yourself the way you want others to think about you

The more you believe in your ideal image, the more likely that others will recognize this version of you.

Morning ritual in front of the phone

Stop this snowball effect from the cases, creating a soothing morning routine.

Refuse multitasking

Wherever you are, be there. Your brain is set up to give conscious attention to one thing at a time.

Wake up 30 minutes before the rest

Use this time to calmly concentrate on the plans for the day.

Do the worst before you do your best

This may sound strange, but it will free you from fear.

Find one good thing in the problem

This can give you a general positive attitude and help improve brain health.

Appreciate the present moment

The secret of life is that if you do not learn to be happy from who you are today, and from the life that you have, you will never find happiness.

Learn the art of active listening

Listen carefully, accept what the other person is saying, do not interrupt, and then rephrase what you have learned, and repeat it.

Look for difficulties

They make life full!

Add to the calendar what you like

Write time with your friends, dating and personal time. This will give them the same priority in your life, as well as more stressful events.

Use the “cloud”

Using phone notes that are synchronized with other data, you can write down all your ideas under the subtitles for different projects. Then you can return to these ideas.

Get rid of things that do not allow you to move forward.

Try not to be overburdened with stress, working, get rid of talk, anger and toxic people.

Take care

Simple but meaningful gestures and words such as “thank you” or “welcome”, holding a door or stopping a car in front of a pedestrian can make another person feel good and noticeably improve your mood.

Read at least one book a month

Studies show that fiction can make you more sensitive and creative.

Turn off Wi-Fi

You will be surprised at what you can do in just a couple of hours in offline mode.

Keep a thank you log

Studies show that people who practice this practice have greater satisfaction with life, feel better and live longer.

Listen to upbeat music

Worried about difficult times? Include a positive melody at home, during work or in the car.

Spend less than you earn

Regularly conduct an inventory of all your monthly expenses, which can “eat” all your cash flow and leave you with empty pockets at the end of the month.

Be yourself. Always

When you stop pretending to be someone you are not, you will feel happier than ever before.

Learn to say “no”

Sometimes you better just say “no” to some things to recharge and rest.

Write down ideas and ideas

If you are a person of ideas, you probably came up with some (pretty interesting) on ​​the go or while working on something else. Take a pause to write down what you came up with.

Stop working on weekends

Give yourself a real break every weekend, and you will enter every working week, feeling refreshed and inspired.


The study showed that people who meditated for 15 minutes a day were more likely to make a better, less biased choice. In addition, brain scans confirm that meditation helps improve focus.

Take a walk 10 minutes without a phone

There is nothing that could not wait 10 minutes, even during the working day. Allow yourself to wonder at simple things. This exercise will give you new perspectives, ideas and opportunities.

Clarify key success indicators

Measuring success becomes much easier when you know what your indicators are.

Hide clothes you did not wear for a year

Do not store things in the closet that you do not wear. This is depressing. Put them in boxes or store under the bed.

Uninstall social networking apps

Do you want to live more interesting? Delete the most frequently used social networking applications from your phone.

Buy new clothes whenever you want

This will make you feel more confident.

Set financial goals

Of waiting for an INSTEAD the end of the year to summarize your income’s Annual, set the amount That will of you earn for the year, January 1. There is something in Powerful for yourself The Determining the amount of money That you INTEND to earn for the coming year .

Try to “clean” the brain

Take a sheet of paper and a pen and try to write a “stream of consciousness”. It helps to eliminate mental confusion and reveal intellectual abilities.

Be clear within your boundaries

Borders are the limits that determine acceptable behavior. Find out where you need boundaries, discover freedom without guilt.

Limit yourself to one new commitment per week

With less “need to do”, you will experience less stress.

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