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Dark circles are a frustrating beauty nightmare. But more than that, dark circles under the eyes may also represent some severe health problems. There can be many reasons for the appearance of dark circles. So it is always a good idea to get checked and consult your doctor to know the exact cause. If you are wondering how to remove dark circles, here are some reasons that can explain the reason for dark circles to help you get rid of them.

Dark Circles Under the Eyes: Causes and Treatments

Lack of sleep

Not getting enough sleep is one of the major causes of dark circles under the eyes. Our body can repair and regenerate new cells during this stage of sleep. Blood circulation concentrates on the tissues and cells of your skin to give your face a more rejuvenated appearance. So, even if you do not feel tired, if you do not get the right amount of deep sleep, there are good chances of getting dark circles. If you are wondering how to remove dark circles, then it would be best to get enough quality sleep. 

Hereditary factor

Like many other problems in the body, dark circles can be inherited from your parents. You would likely have that skin tendency if your parents had similar features. But don’t worry; by using specially formulated eye creams, you can make the skin around your eyes firmer. For a better, solution Meet Specialist  

Iron deficiency

The discolouration you experience on the skin around your eyes may be due to a lack of certain minerals, such as iron. Basically, whenever there is a deficiency of iron in your body system, the veins around your eye area become more noticeable. Similarly, pregnant women or between their periods are prone to dark circles under the eyes.

Eye rubbing

If you habitually rub your eyes with your fingers, you may have dark circles. The skin under the eyelids is extremely thin and has a very thin layer of fat. By rubbing the eye, the fat under the skin is removed, and dark circles appear. So, always avoid rubbing your eyes to get rid of dark circles. Other causes of dark circles under the eyes include: Overexposure to sunlight, ageing, smoking, thyroid conditions, dehydration, and dermatitis. However, you can reduce or eliminate your dark circles with the following simple home remedies.

Get Enough Sleep

Ensuring you get enough sleep can help reduce or prevent dark circles. You should sleep with your head propped up on a pillow can help reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. A sound sleep of 7-8 hours is recommended for adults.

Cold compress

Cold compresses on the eyes can constrict blood vessels and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Sun protection

You can prevent dark circles by reducing sun exposure by wearing UV-proof sunglasses or applying sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) of 30+ around your eyes.

Quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption

Drinking and smoking can lead to signs of premature ageing, such as wrinkles and grey hair and the appearance of dark circles. So, the solution to get rid of dark circles is to reduce the consumption of alcohol. It will also reduce your face’s puffy appearance and the visible effect of dark circles.

Dark Circles Under Eyes During Migraine | Leslie Cisar, ND

Facial creams

Facial creams containing vitamins C and E and antioxidants can also help reduce dark circles under your eyes. So do some research and buy the best under-eye cream to reduce dark circles.

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