Saturday, March 25, 2023
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There are numerous wine brands. How do you think people pick their wine bottles? One is their regular taste. If they want to try new brands, they will pick many wine bottles, read their labels and choose one. Ergo, designing wine labels is as essential as wine’s taste. Here, we will discuss four popular styles of wine labels.

Traditional Wine Label Design

Traditional wine labels mostly include typography similar to handwriting and a simple hand-drawn picture. Wine label designers don’t leave much empty space. They put a lot of information in a traditional manner to attract customers. As people believe older wine tastes better, they tend to pick wine bottles with vintage labels. Thus, wines with traditional labels get picked faster.

Minimalism in Wine Labels

This wine label design is opposite to that of vintage. It has minimal text and graphics. Mostly this design has a brand name and logo with a plain background. A few bottles with the least text can also attract customers in a room full of wine bottles with much typography. This one is the modern approach of wine labels manufacturers in Delhi.

Abstract Wine Labels

An abstract wine label is another fantastic way to captivate customers’ minds. These labels have abstract shapes, artistic graphics, and some text with contemporary fonts. In the room of sophisticatedly designed labels, customers will at least want to have a look at wine bottles with abstract labels. Some wine bottles with abstract labels also have hanging labels attached to bottle caps to present information. Abstract wine labels can have characteristics of vintage and minimalism wine labels. These wine labels have less text and unique graphics but hanging labels with information.

Interesting or Funny Wine Labels

Last but not least. These wine labels have a huge scope of creativity. This is another modern approach to captivating customers. Customers will want to read funny labels, and who knows? They even buy your wine bottle. One brand actually made their wine labels similar to boarding passes. So, you can think out of the box and design your most creative and funny wine labels.


When customers want to pick a bottle of wine, they look at the labels and pick one to read the label. So, you must choose colours, graphics, typography, and background of the labels carefully. Also, select one of these styles of wine labels and create appealing wine labels for your brand.

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