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Hey lovely ladies, are you tired of lugging around a heavy bag filled with unnecessary beauty products? Well, toss those out and make room for these six essential makeup products from Type Beauty that will have you looking flawless all day long. From the best face primer for acne-prone skin to Lip Lustre for dry lips, Type Beauty has the must-haves to simplify your routine and still feel fabulous. So grab a seat and get ready to upgrade your on-the-go kit with these game-changing goodies.

Matte Up Balancing Primer for Oily and Acne Prone Skin


Start your daily makeup routine with the best face primer for acne prone skin. Type offers Matte Up Balancing Primer for Oily and Acne Prone Skin enriched with Niacinamide and Zinc that help smooth and brighten your skin and prevent acne, dullness and dryness in the skin. Moreover, the product adheres to Sephora’s clean beauty guidelines.

Get Even Serum Foundation


Try the Get Even Serum Foundation, the best serum foundation for dark spots and dullness, available online. So say goodbye to the dull and uneven complexion with this lightweight foundation that effectively combats dark spots and lackluster appearance. With its inclusion of SPF 50, it shields your skin from harmful UV rays while remaining stylish. Plus, with this best serum foundation for dark spots and dullness, you’ll never have trouble finding your ideal shade among the 24 options available.

But wait – there’s more! This incredible serum foundation for dark spots and dullness not only beautifies but also rejuvenates your skin by preventing premature aging, repairing damage, and providing a smoother texture for a seamless finish.

Type Get Even Concealer

best under eye concealer for fine lines

Hiding dark circles is a major concern while doing a daily makeup routine. Don’t worry, we are here to help you with the best concealer for dark circles. Try Type Get Even Concealer – the perfect solution to conceal dark circles. This exceptional product not only covers up blemishes and imperfections but also fades dark spots and rejuvenates your skin. Its lightweight formula smoothly glides onto your skin while going beyond the surface to effectively eradicate pigmentation issues. 

With the combination of Niacinamide and Bakuchoil, this best concealer for dark circles further strengthens and repairs your skin from within for youthful-looking results. For the best application, simply dot the concealer on troubled areas using your fingertips for a more natural finish or use a small flat brush for more coverage, producing a complete makeup look that lasts all day long!

Decrease Eyeshadow Stick


Looking for an eyeshadow Stick for dehydrated eyes? Add the Type Decrease Eyeshadow Stick to your makeup bag as a solution for dry eyes. This makeup product comprises collagen and peptides to rejuvenate your skin and enhance its youthful appearance. Decrease Eyeshadow Stick for dehydrated eyes has a formula that allows you to achieve your desired look with just one swipe – whether it be matte or metallic shades, they guarantee intense pigmentation. 

Through the help of these key ingredients, you improve from having sagging, parched eyes to looking more revitalized without any complications through this handy twist-up tool equipped with a square point designed for a seamless application while also ensuring strong pigments.

Light UP Lipstick for Pigmented Lips


Now it’s time to apply the best lipstick for pigmented lips. Yes, we are talking about Type Light UP Lipstick for Pigmented Lip. Available in 15 different shades, Light UP Lipstick not only reduces pigmentation but also serves as a lip balm that will keep your lips hydrated throughout the day. 

This lipstick is enriched with nourishing ingredients like Niacinamide and Vitamin C, clinically tested by dermatologists to ensure effectiveness. The creamy formula delivers a highly pigmented shade for up to 8 hours, leaving your lips moisturized and visibly brighter. Add this best lipstick for pigmented lips to your lip care routine, and enjoy smooth, plump lips anytime you want!

Soak It Lip Lustre


When you have applied Light UP Lipstick for your Pigmented Lips, it’s time to try a Lip Lustre for dry lips. Type Beauty offers Soak It Lip Lustre, an excellent makeup product that is available in six different shades. Infused with Squalane and Tripeptides, it deeply hydrates your skin while providing a glossy finish to your lips. 

Its oil-based formula smoothly spreads over your lips and transforms into a non-sticky gloss within five minutes. This long-wear lip tint stays put for up to six hours without requiring frequent touch-ups, leaving your pout looking irresistibly shiny and luscious throughout the day.

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