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A complete protein dish for breakfast is an excellent choice that will help you cope with your appetite and stick to the right diet. If you want to find interesting ideas, study this information about breakfasts:

In your morning meal there may be no proteins

According to statistics, people who consume a high-protein breakfast, eat at lunch twenty-six percent less calories than those who do not. Nutrients such as proteins stimulate the production of a hormone that provides a feeling of satiety. If you do not think about the balance of the diet, it is possible that you do not get enough protein and this interferes with the diet. Use the ideas below for breakfast to ensure the optimum amount of nutrients.

Milk and flakes

In some flakes, there may be a lot of protein, and in some, there is almost no protein. Carefully study the information on the packaging to find out about it. Good flakes contain about ten grams of protein and a sufficient amount of fiber per serving. Combine flakes with milk, which also has a lot of protein, and also add sunflower seeds to the dish – about five grams of protein per serving, and there is also plenty of vitamin E. You can also use fresh berries and fruits.

Roll with egg and cheese

You can make a lavash roll with beans or just try to eat a bun with an egg. Omelette with cheese is another good option. Combine the egg with onions and sauce to make the taste more expressive and mouth-watering. You can also use other flavor combinations – there is always room for experimentation.

Toast with butter or jam

Even a sandwich can be an excellent protein breakfast. Just replace the usual butter with a nut – this will add to your breakfast at once about eight grams of protein. Just try to choose the right peanut butter – in this product may not meet very useful ingredients. When buying, make sure that there are only nuts and salt in the composition. If desired, a small amount of jam can be added to the nut oil. The result will be a sweeter taste, and for connoisseurs of desserts such a breakfast will be an excellent way to pamper yourself by sticking to a diet.


Instead of the usual low-fat yogurt, eat Greek – so from one serving you will get almost twice as much protein. Make your breakfast even healthier by adding yogurt full of fiber berries, which will naturally sweeten your dish. You can also sprinkle with yoghurt seeds, nuts, add protein flakes to it. All this will further increase the amount of protein and make the dish especially appetizing.


If you want your morning porridge to have more protein, you can do it not on water, but on skim milk. In addition, you can supplement the porridge with chopped nuts. Such a dish will help you feel satiety until the very dinner. Use also a variety of fruits and berries, cinnamon, seeds, honey. This will allow you to create more and more variations of your favorite dish – such oatmeal is never boring. This dish not only sates, but also stimulates digestion, and also helps to protect against diabetes.


Replace milk or yogurt at the base of smoothies with kefir, which is a wonderful source of probiotics. In one cup of skimmed yogurt contains more than ten grams of protein. This is much more than in milk or yogurt. As a result, your smoothies for breakfast will be especially useful and appetizing. Remember that it is important to prepare this drink yourself, because if you buy smoothies in a store, you can get a product with a high sugar content and harmful additives.

Homemade muffins

Shop muffins will not be of use, but you can make pastries at home. In this case, there will be much more protein in it. One muffin can account for almost ten grams of protein! In this case, the baking will be the minimum amount of calories and fat. In store muffins, calories can be up to five hundred, in addition, there are a lot of fat, sugar and salt. To bake more protein in the batch, add peanut butter to it and eat with a cup of skim milk. It will be a great option to start the day.


If you are on the move, you can eat a banana, it will be a convenient and useful option to start the day. Combine a banana with a source of protein, for example, a portion of cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is also a good way to increase the amount of calcium and vitamin A.


You can build a wonderful breakfast in just a few minutes by simply making the original omelette in the cupcake form. Mix the beaten eggs and fried vegetables, and then distribute the resulting mass to the molds. It turns out a fine protein dish, which you can eat throughout the week. However, even an ordinary omelette is a good option for a daily breakfast.

Sandwich with salmon

If you like pastries, try combining bread with smoked salmon. Bread should be chosen whole-grain, then you will feel satiety even longer thanks to fiber. Salmon is useful not only because it contains five grams of protein per serving, but also a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for both brain health and skin beauty. It is recommended to eat fatty fish several times a week.


It may seem that pancakes – this is not the option that should be chosen to increase the amount of protein in the diet. Nevertheless, it all depends on which one you choose the recipe. Try to combine Greek yoghurt, eggs, whole-grain flour and blueberries – in such fritters a portion will be more than twenty grams of protein. This is much more than in ordinary fritters or pancakes.


You can transform even such an appetizing dish as croutons, so that it becomes more dietetic. Use for cooking egg white and peanut butter. To add croutons costs fresh raspberries, cocoa powder and vanilla extract, so that the taste becomes even more expressive.


If you have a waffle iron, you can at any moment cook an incredibly tasty dessert, full of protein. Combine for wafers eggs, cottage cheese, oat flakes, vanilla extract and a pinch of salt. It will be very appetizing, and one serving will have more than twenty grams of protein and just one gram of sugar. You can also make not sweet, but salty waffles, supplementing them with cheese and beans. So the protein will be even greater.


If you want to consume more protein and at the same time enjoy a dessert, make a pudding from chia seeds. It is one of the best foods full of fiber and antioxidants. In addition, the seeds of chia contain a lot of protein. You only need three ingredients – milk, vanilla extract and chia seeds. A great option for an easy, delicious breakfast. You can add other components, for example, cocoa, so that the pudding is more diverse.

Cereal bars

Give up store bars, they can often contain excessive amounts of sugar. Better make cereal bars yourself. They do not even need to be baked, but you get a very tasty dish, which is suitable for breakfast in the day when you are in a hurry. Combine oat flakes, almonds, flaxseeds and almond oil. As a result, you will have bars that will have about eight grams of protein for each. This is enough to long not to feel hungry.

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