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Cheetos are people’s favorite munch-crunch puff snack. The name itself is enough to make us salivate and yearn to know where we can purchase them, right? The crunchy corn snack is widely loved by people all over the world. It was previously heard in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Poland, which were later banned, and we are going to know later why. But now that we are talking, they are found in our own country, the Republic of India!

Snackstar has imported various snacks for the holidays and travels for its Indian customers. But now the problem is here: the Cheetos are expensive. The answer will be yes because Cheetos are very expensive in India. It is our responsibility to figure out why these Cheetos are so expensive. There are two main reasons why Cheetos are expensive in India.

Here are 5 reasons why Cheetos might be expensive in India:

    1. Imported Product: Cheetos is an American brand, and the ones sold in India are most likely imported. Importing any good adds costs like transportation, tariffs (taxes levied on imported goods), and import duties (government charges for bringing goods into the country). These extra costs get factored into the final selling price.

    2. Limited Availability: Cheetos might not be widely produced or distributed in India compared to the US. This limited availability can lead to increased prices due to factors like lower bargaining power with retailers and the need for specialized stores to stock them.

    3. Brand Recognition & Popularity: Cheetos is a well-known brand worldwide, and it might carry a bit of a “premium” image in India due to its foreign association. This brand recognition can allow them to charge a higher price point for their product.

    4. Local Alternatives: There’s a vast market for cheesy and spicy snacks in India. The presence of popular local alternatives like Kurkure, Kachcha Mango Bites, and similar offerings can influence the pricing of Cheetos. If these local options are much cheaper, Cheetos might position themselves as a more premium snack.

    5. Target Audience: Depending on where Cheetos are sold in India, they might be targeting a specific audience willing to pay more for imported snacks. This could be in high-end grocery stores catering to a clientele who values variety and international brands.

You can imagine that the ingredients for manufacturing the Cheetos are different. So they need to bring them one by one from different places so that they can process the ingredients to make the Cheetos. Thus, this will cause the cost of the final product, Cheetos, to increase automatically.

Still, under the cost of manufacturing, the other reason for the expensive Cheetos is that once the first batch of Cheetos is completed manufacturing, you will have to look for another machine to use. This makes it harder and more expensive to manufacture, therefore, leading to the final reason why Cheetos are expensive in India.

The second reason for the expensive Cheetos in India is that they have to be imported into the country. The main sources of the Cheetos consumed in India are Germany and Poland. The United Kingdom used to supply it also, but it was banned there. So the local sellers, like Snackstar, have to import the Cheetos from overseas, and the cost of importation is high, forcing them to raise the prices of the Cheetos in India. From the above-discussed factors, you are now able to understand why, when you arrive at the counter of the snack shop, you will realize that the prices are high. Another mini reason that will probably add up indirectly is the high tax in India.

The Indian government has imposed a high tax on imported goods through import quotas and tariffs. This will force the snack shops to raise the prices of the Cheetos. For the Cheetos fans, they have to copy the prevailing conditions of high prices in India for unavoidable reasons. You just have to budget yourself to accommodate them as they are or look for the alternatives that are also available at the Snackstar in India. It will help you be busy while you are traveling and make you enjoy the hobbies and free time since they are tasty and sweet to eat.

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